A cross-disciplinary collaboration / Fall 2021

By: Ander Antelo, Angela Gonzales, Elia Camin, Elida Iben Høvik 

The Softer Project is a collaboration between Elisava design students and Abrazo Cultural, which is a non-profit organisation located in Barcelona. Abrazo Cultural arrange several events and workshops taught by immigrants and refugees. 
By sharing these experiences, their goal is to create a deeper understanding and a mutual respect amongts people with different cultural backgrounds in Barcelona. 
Together with Abrazo Cultural we worked on a tool to help them reach out to more people, while at the same time adding value when attending the workshops. 
This resulted in three textile pieces with a wide range of uses - tools to be used for drumming lessons, dancing, meals and conversations. Visual elements that repeats themselves, regardless of location and activities. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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